Technical Integration

OEM-3Attronica’s technical OEM integration can optimize as brand’s availability by joining different components as one larger system. It ensures that each integrated component functions with required OEM specifications. Our OEM integration is also used to add value to a system through new and unique functionalities provided by connecting functions of different technology systems.

With the increase of component level customization within the technology industry, varying component systems that cooperate to deliver a whole functionality has been the focus of industries that use technology. End users require this modular or custom approach to systems building to achieve a strong return on investment with minimal inefficiencies. Because systems may span to different brands and technologies in software and hardware engineering, a custom integration solution has usually been at the near-end of the product placement cycle. Attronica engineering expertise brings a broad range of skills of technology knowledge.


  • 30+ years of technical hardware/software expertise
  • Servers, storage, desktops, & laptops
  • 24 hour burn-in
  • High-efficiency staging area
  • Creating custom OS images