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“Image Creation and Deployment”: This Biotech organization provides diverse medical instruments utilizing varied computer equipment platforms with many operating system options. Each year, they must anticipate demand for its varied medical instruments, must estimate how many computers will be required with each specific image and configuration, and must keep sufficient inventory to meet demand. Changes to the estimated quantities are determined several times a year with corresponding changes in the computer imaging needs.


Attronica creates and maintains the images for each model of the organization’s medical computer solutions. We periodically receive computers that require re-imaging and reconfiguration to a new specification. Attronica re-images, re-configures, and re-packages the updated computers with updated information provided to us. These computers are then shipped to the Biotech organization’s designated location.


Attronica’s highly-specialized imaging services allow the customer’s inventory to be updated based on real-time demand, allowing them to meet demand for their medical equipment solutions quickly. This company maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of its yearly technology budget and actual expenditures, while maintaining productivity of tis core departments and functions.