Project Dates:


Success-4Project Challenge:

“Special Programs”: This insurance company needed a variety of complex programs to improve its procurement, support services, lifecycle performance, and recycling programs to reduce costs and improve services.


Attronica met with the executives of this company to better understand the detailed goals and objectives. Attronica proposed observing their processes, which would lead to suggestions on specific projects and solution. This approach was highly successful, producing re-engineered processes, improved technology services, and cost reductions for the company.

  1. Technical Procurement Services: Attronica’s on-site engineer receives employee requests for new PC’s, determines the hardware and software needed, completes internal requisitions, obtains the manager’s signature, and forwards the requisition to the purchasing department for the company.
  2. Help Desk Services: Attronica’s on-site engineer performs help-desk services and associated software repair tasks.
  3. Image Creation: Our engineers create new special images, with all of the requested software for purchase orders of ten or more machines.
  4. PC Configuration, Inventory Management, and Rollouts: This insurance company purchases about 1,500 computers annually. Attronica purchases inventory in advance for this company and also stores the products in our warehouse for a quick turnaround. We configure, integrate, load specialized images, and asset tag each computer.
  5. PC De-Installation and Disposition to Recycling or Loaner Pool: When new computers arrive on-site at this company’s locations, Attronica’s engineers remove existing PC’s and laptops. We mark each for our discard procedure (HDD removal, asset tag removal and recording, S/N recording, and tracking update) or placing the machine into a loaner pool.


This customer has improved its hardware procurement, support services, lifecycle performance, and recycling programs. They have achieved significant cost reductions and service improvements.