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Success-5Project Challenge:

“PC Replacements in Retail Centers”: This supercenter retailer needed to replace 4,500 aging CRT monitors with energy-efficient LCD monitors, and replace one-third of aging desktop computers in 185 retail locations in 5 Midwest States. This challenge included attempting to complete what was required with minimal disruption of daily business, and staying within a budget and timeline.


Attronica’s installation team met with the customer’s technology team to develop the plan for a smooth transition. Attronica worked out special pricing with the supplier, pre-installed customer image to all of their PC’s stored at our warehouse, and managed the equipment rollout to be installed at all 185 locations. Attronica’s teams removed the old equipment, with preparing for recycling, and installed the new replacement equipment.


The plan was executed successfully by Attronica’s teams, exceeding every expectation of this supercenter retailer.